I must have watched my video 20 times already. My heart is healed. I can’t begin to thank Monica enough for the amazing job she did on our video. What a priceless gift that my family and I will cherish forever!!
— Neal Family
A Sacred Project photographed my son’s birth last year and this probably was the best investment we made. We met before the birth to get acquainted, and our photographer was SO easygoing and fun to be around. During the birth, I barely noticed her there. She stayed in the background but was somehow able to get amazing shots. Our birth video is one of my most treasured possessions. I’ve watched it 89465823774019 times and it still makes me cry. I am so, so grateful for these captured moments and the beautiful way they were put together by A Sacred Project.
— Kalmoe Family
10/10 would call when giving birth again :) But really I connected with the photographer instantly after interviewing 4 others in the area. I knew these were the people for me! I now have beautiful, priceless photos of the day my rainbow baby came into our lives. Having a physical image of my husband holding our son for the first time is everything I ever wanted. The photographer worked completely in the background and was extremely patient during my 22 hr natural birth. I have recommended A Sacred Project to every pregnant lady I meet, whether they are looking for a birth photographer or not! And my doubting husband is officially converted telling every single one of my coworkers about them as well. We love A Sacred Project.
— Bodily Family
Amazing!!! I have had both of my births documented by A Sacred Project! They did an outstanding job capturing such a special time in our lives. The detail and effort put into capturing my birth stories started way before I even went into labor. A Sacred Project did a personal meet and greet to find out more about us as clients and wanted a good understanding of our birthing plan/wishes. They were always in communication with us and encouraged it since birth can be unpredictable. :) I feel like birth photography is money well spent. There’s nothing like being able to go back in time and relive a beautiful, and for myself, such a spiritual event in our lives. I find myself being able to revisit a particular feeling/moment when looking back on photos or by watching our videos. When time passes and I look back at the births of my children, it almost feels like I’m witnessing an out of body experience. I love it! Plus, knowing I’ll be able to share my children’s birth stories with them when they get older is something I cherish.
— Jameson Family
The video that Monica delivered from my daughter’s birth makes me cry tears of joy EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it (which, so far, has been quite a few times). I’ll never regret investing in having Monica document the very first moments our daughter entered this world, the relief we felt at having made it through labor, the sheer elation of holding Juniper in my arms after picturing what that moment would be like for so long, seeing my husband wipe away his tears of joy and smile like a giddy new daddy holding her for the first time. Maybe if we hadn’t hired her I wouldn’t know what I would have been missing in those photos and that video — but now I do know that I will never plan another labor and delivery without Monica present to document. Now excuse me while I go watch Juniper’s birth video again for the 100th time.
— Zamora Family
I loved the idea of having the birth of our child photographed, but was apprehensive in inviting someone into my sacred birth space. Once I met Monica, all my worries were gone. She was kind, personable and most of all professional. In the days and hours leading up to going into labor, she stayed in touch and was always responsive. I went into labor on New Year’s Day and I’m pretty sure she changed her plans around to make sure she was nearby. After I had my daughter, I looked up and saw Monica there…I hadn’t even known she was there the whole time I was laboring. And now I have the most amazing, beautiful, raw images and video of my daughter’s birth and the moment we learned she was a girl. A year later and I’m still left breathless each time I look at those pictures or video. If/when we ever have another child, she will absolutely be part of our birth team again.
— Person Family
Monica is hands down one of my favorite birth photographers to work with. I have seen her work as both a client & fellow birth professional and I could not be more pleased with her professionalism, her warmth, her ability to capture all of the important moments without being noticed, & the quality of her work. She is a woman of great talent, integrity & strong work ethic. We are privileged to have such a fantastic photographer in our area. She is highly thought of in our birth community.
— Gray Family
Monica has been there for the birth of our 2 boys - a repeat client right here if that tells you anything! From the first time we met Monica she made us feel so comfortable with the decision in having the birth of our first son documented. I am a modest person, but LOVE pictures and videos of my loved ones, so having these pictures and videos of our little blessing was a MUST. Hands down the best decision and money spent prior to his arrival. Monica was like family while we waited and then when it came time for the actual delivery, I barley noticed her. After seeing the beautiful moments she captured, it was clear she was very present and caught EVERY moment I hoped she would. With our second son, it was so nice to see Monica walk in the room and have the comfort of knowing the same precious moments would be captured yet again. Monica is very talented and I am forever grateful to her for those perfectly wrapped DVDs that arrived shortly after we got home from the hospital. It’s safe to say that if there are more little ones in our future, Monica will be hearing from me!
— Conner Family