What if I go into labor during the night or on the weekend?

All packages include my 24/7 on-call time two weeks before through two weeks after your estimated due date. Whether an early Monday morning or late Saturday evening, my phone will be on and ready for any baby activity!


What type of births do you attend?

I attend births in homes, hospitals, and birthing centers and I do photograph c-sections with your doctor's permission. It's always best to check with your care provider prior to hiring a photographer, just to be 100% sure.


Will you be in the room with us the entire time?

My goal is to be as invisible and unnoticeable as possible. Depending on the birth location and circumstances, I like to come in and out of your room allowing you guys to have moments to yourselves as well as not feel watched.  Slower births allow more time for me to grab images/video and then leave you guys alone while at fast moving births, I'm working diligently to capture everything going on.


Do you use a flash?

My style and personal preference is to not use flash. Natural light from windows or available lights indoors are utilized first (depending on what mama is comfortable with, of course) but if the light is too low, I use a flash that is bounced off the ceiling - it's quite unobtrusive. All video is captured with only natural/available light.


What if you are sick or otherwise unavailable when I go into labor?

I have a trained, professional back-up photographer who loves and sees birth in the same way I do, giving me the utmost confidence in leaving my clients in her hands in the case I cannot make a birth. Nothing changes with your product if back-up attends your birth instead of me - it's completely covered in the price of your package and all editing is still done by me. In the case that I am at another birth and am able to tag-team my back-up out to be at your birth when I'm finished, I always will make that effort! I do everything in my power to be at every birth story I take on.